e-plate can be used to track all types of vehicle. A traditional aluminium licence plate can be used or alternatively a much smaller unit which could be used within the vehicle. Of course the true security of e-plate lies in the fact that it cannot be removed from the vehicle and nor can it be tampered with.

Therefore, e-plate is an excellent way to track fast moving objects with 100% accuracy. Research would have to be done before installation to ensure that the RFID chips are tuned properly and do not interfere with any metal which may or may not surround the object being tracked.

e-plate is being used in many commercial applications where companies need to keep track of their lorries/HGVs into and out of secure compounds. e-plate uses active technology so that distance between e-plate reader and e-plate can be up to 100 metres unlike many passive systems where read range is limited to maybe 3 metres.

vehicle theft & crime
non compliance
asset tracking
access control
congestion & tolling
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