Selectamark has been a market leader in RFID technology for the last 8 years. The company was selected by the UK Government Home Office as one of five companies in the UK Chipping of Goods Initiative.

Selectamark continues to supply all sectors of the transport industry with leading RFID technology. Passive RFID technology is used for marine craft, motor caravans and bicycles. Active e-plate technology is used for fast moving motor vehicles.

Selectamark's other major RFID projects include:

CRiS (The Caravan Registration and Identification Scheme) in conjunction with the National Caravan Council whereby all newly UK manufactured caravans are given passive RFID chips at point of manufacture and older ones in a retrofitting scheme. Boatmark is Selectamark's other large RFID project which is run as part of the British Marine Federation's official national identification scheme. Again Selectamark supplies all passive RFID chips for UK boats and marine craft.

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